Streetlab Music

"Streetlab has since built up an impressive set of club-ready remixes, plus several original grooves of its own."
            –Billboard Magazine

"Streetlab is a New York City based electro-rock production duo whose debut single 'NYSound' has been featured on HBO's Entourage and Apple's iPod/iPhone game, Tap Tap Revenge 2. Find out more about their love/hate relationship with NYC, persistent tardiness, and their dream of sleeping till noon."

"Members Cosmo and Ryan base their music on the ability to make rock and dance music the there are no excuses for being a wallflower!"
            -URB Magazine

"Google Streetlab and you'll see the funkiest looking listing ever. No, really. Try it! That's just a tiny taste of the creative power that this NYC-based electronic music duo generates."

"Maybe the Streetlab guys go to parties I don't go to, parties where serpentine bass quashes and jagged electro-house stutter have commandeered the sound of the city that never sleeps, killing classic disco with one blast of a supersonic laser gun."